Ban all guns in the USA

Ok, It is now quite evident that the USA cannot live with the gun laws the way they are now. What is the difference if a school kid shoots people up at school and a terrorist doing the same terrible act. All gun owners need to all turn in your guns to the local police as it seems that the average American can be turned into a terrorist if given the right moment. I personally don't have a gun and don't want one either. I stopped watching violent shows on TV as they just look like they telling and showing people how to be violent. TV needs to dig deeper for a different story to tell. Not to mention to set a better example of what people can become if given the right examples from our TVs'. Oh yea my song TV Blues covers those exact topics. I usually write with a musical accompaniment but now I am blogging and trying to clarify my beliefs. My SKA band Benny and the Sunders is a social comment SKA band. I hope you listen close to the words in my songs. They make an effort to move peoples feet and dance as well as to educate. Enjoy Benny and the Sunders.

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    This is cool

    This is cool

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