Pick a better President 

So why can't we pick a President who speaks English like he studied it at one time. This guy speaks in one liners on Twitter such a teenager thing to do. Grow the ______ up! Pres. You don't deserve to hold the honored office of the Presidency and you know it.

We need to have a better to elect better people for Presidency.

Stay tuned for our new album Self Made Billionaire by Benny and the Sunders

Muhammed Ali 

Thank you Muhammed you taught me war is wrong and that being smart and intelligent is better than just being strong. Fly Like a Butterfly.


Its so good to see Obama and the USA reaching out to Cuba today. We need another diplomat for our next president and not someone like war mongering trump. And on a brighter note Benny and the Sunders are releasing our 4 song EP this week . 

Paris Terrorist Attacks 

In leu of the Paris Terrorist Attacks, the USA really needs to start taking guns off the streets of the USA. The USA needs to stop making it easy to sell military attack weapons. The average American does not need the these weapons of war and terror for daily or even  occasional use. These weapons are what terrorist will use against the average American. The selling of these weapons needs to banned immediately, so the average American can enjoy the thought that at least these weapons can cannot be used…

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Congratulations to Justin Trudeau 

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau on becoming Canada's latest Prime Minister

I first came to Canada when his father was Prime Minister and I always liked his manner of public speaking. 

Congratulations CANADA 

Ban all guns in the USA 

Ok, It is now quite evident that the USA cannot live with the gun laws the way they are now. What is the difference if a school kid shoots people up at school and a terrorist doing the same terrible act. All gun owners need to all turn in your guns to the local police as it seems that the average American can be turned into a terrorist if given the right moment. I personally don't have a gun and don't want one either. I stopped watching violent shows on TV as they just look like they telling and showing…

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