Benny and the Sunders

Benny founded Benny and the Sunders, back in the early eighties in Vancouver. The band, Benny and the Sunders played the clubs on the Vancouver music scene at the time. Playing in places like The Town Pump, the famous Commodore Ballroom, Twightlight Zone, The Caribean Delight restaurant and other outdoor events and fund raisers. The band is a two tone band with Caribean influences. Members like Jeff Sinclair (Bass) from Kingston, Jamaica, Bunny Carlton Joseph (Drums), from Trinidad and Cliff Brown ( Steel Drums) also from Trinidad. Even though these band members were not able to record on this brand new Sunders album at this time due to work and distance constraints. It does not mean that they won't be on this next all original Ska Reggae, Benny and the Sunders album. Benny has jammed with Ras Jeff Sinclair and Tim Bemister (Riddim guitar) and Tony Braculj (Drums), also a longtime Benny and the Sunders member. 2013 promises more and a Vancouver recording already in the works.
Benny now lives in Oakland and has written a record twelve songs in 2013. Benny, keeps reminding himself that this is an unprecedented number of songs not only to write in one year but also record and the releasing of eight of the twelve songs written in 2013. Benny says, " This is a 2013 Christmas present to me is as much as it is to all the ska/reggae fans in the world. I did not start out 2013 trying to write these twelve. It just happened and kept happening so I just kept recording them. Tony Braculj long time Benny and Sunders band member helped me arrange the drum tracks and we kept working on each one together throughout the year via the internet. Wow!, what a year. This is an all time number of songs for me to write in one year. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity with emotional support of Benny and Sunders band members, to be able at this time to release these eight songs. That means that there is more on the way. So stay tuned for more.
Peace and Love to all and "Keep on Skankin."